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A World Government Constitution Under The UN Already Exists – The US Is Involved Up To Our Eyeballs

Dr Ileana Johnson Paugh is the author of an extremely informative book entitled U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy. As one who grew up under authoritarianism in Communist Romania, Dr Paugh is knows what to watch out for and she is quite concerned about UN Agenda 21 and the path towards a global Marxist government we are all being led down.

In the seventh chapter of her book, entitled “Diced is UN’s Environmental Constitution for the World,” Dr Paugh notes that the mechanics for world government have progressed to the point of the publishing of the fourth draft of a global constitution. It’s known as the Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development, (DICED), the most recent revision which was submitted to the United Nations, on September 22nd, 2010. The authors describe it as being “written to control all development tied to the environment, the highest form of law for all human activity.”

Most members of religious organizations around the globe would probably take exception to the UN’s overly grandiose description of their manipulative product but they’re just getting started. There is much more objectionable where that came from.

DICED contains 79 articles covering 242 pages, which take the principles of UN Agenda 21 and place them into a legal central planning document representing “global law.” It is intended to supersede all constitutions of all nations, including that of the United States. The source of this pornographic assault on liberty was both the International Council on Environmental Law (ICEL) in Bonn, Germany as well as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ICUN), with offices in Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK.

The IUCN has some interesting members, some that most Americans would be very surprised to learn of and suspicious of legitimacy of their involvement, given the stated intent of overthrowing and replacing the United States government. Members include the global warming globalist Nazis at the State Department as well as the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Agriculture (Forest Service), Interior (Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service), and the ever-present and all-controlling EPA.

Dr. Paugh points out that the writers describe DICED as a “living document,” one intended to be modified as methods of greater control and exploitation become available to them. They call it a blueprint that will be adopted by all members of the United Nations in order to achieve the socialist utopia founded upon Sustainable Development, focusing on “social and economic pillars.” They profess a need of “leveling the playing field for international trade and having a common basis of future lawmaking. None of this is good for the future of the United States.

Some of the more disturbing and potentially abused articles contained in the DICED are:

Article 2 – respect for all life forms, – which would be implemented in keeping with the UN theories that men are not superior in rank to other creatures, and as equals we must make concessions in the areas of territory, resource utilization, food type and its levels of consumption.

Article 3 – proposes that the entire globe should be under “the protection of international law.”

Article 5 – refers to “equity and justice,” code words for socialism and communism.

Article – 16 requires all member nations to adopt environmental conservation into all national decisions, which would then necessarily have to be enforced by an authority greater than an individual nation, the UN.

Article 20 – requires all nations to “mitigate the adverse effects of climate change,” as imaginary and contrived as they are.

Article 31 – calls for “Action to Eradicate Poverty,” through wealth redistribution from developed nations to less developed ones.

Article 33 – deals with what it describes as “Demographic policies,” what the rest of us would see as population caps and controls, requiring countries to calculate “the size of the human population their environment is capable of supporting and to implement measures that prevent the population from exceeding that level.”

Article 34 – calls for an open and non-discriminatory trading system in which “prices of commodities and raw materials reflect the full direct and indirect social and environmental costs of their extraction, production, transport, marketing and where appropriate, ultimate disposal. The free market does that without regulations very effectively, but control freaks have to remind us who’s in charge.

Article 41- requires integrated planning systems, irrespective of administrative boundaries within a country, and is based on Paragraph 10.5 of Agenda 21, which seeks to “facilitate allocation of land to the uses that provide the greatest sustainable benefits and to promote the transition to a sustainable and integrated management of land resources.” The procedure for those assessments was developed by the controlling elites at the World Bank and is outlined in part below:

The mandate that “Aquifers, drainage basins, coastal, marine areas, and any areas called ecological units must be taken into account when allocating land for municipal, agricultural, grazing, forestry, and other uses. Agricultural subsidies are discouraged, as well as subsidizing private enterprises.

They also dictate that “Physical planning must follow an integrated approach to land use – infrastructure, highways, railways, waterways, dams, and harbors. Town and country planning must include land use plans elaborated at all levels of government.”

Articles 51 tells us that we will be forced to pay for the privilege of existing under this new tyranny, with Article 52 detailing the original, but surely not the ultimate price of .07 of GDP by every nation on the planet to our new masters in the UN.

Article 69 – establishes a judicial system superior to that of formerly independent nations for the international settlement of disputes.

Article 71 – sets up an amendment process through the United Nations.

In closing out the chapter, Paugh notes, “Because this Draft Covenant has a Preamble and 79 articles, it is obviously intended to be a “world constitution for global governance,” an onerous way to control population growth, redistribute wealth, force social and “economic equity and justice,” economic control, consumption control, land and water use control and re-settlement control as a form of social engineering.

The United Nations, their comrades within our government, and the elites of this world represent a very real and present danger to American sovereignty. Another step down this road to tyranny is planned for the end of this year as the UN meets in Paris to force us into accepting UN climate change mandates, the associated submission to UN authority and payment of their “humanitarian” extortion. Hussein Obama, and John Kerry will host the globalist operative Pope Francis in New York in September in the lead up to the December gathering of the climate cabal in France. Their international power grab under the guise fighting the air and oceans is upon us. This attack has been planned for a long time; the safety is off and their corrupt, profiteering finger is resting on the trigger.

This threat must not be ignored but it will surely not be adequately addressed by the largely cowardly non-representatives occupying Congress unless we demand it, which is exactly what needs to happen. We need to light up the phones and seriously reconsider our voting patterns and our choice of candidates or party. What we are doing now is not working. They’re getting fat and lazy, and to a degree, so have we. America is going down as a result. We’re circling the drain; the time for action is now.



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Panic in “Sustainable City”

By Tom DeWeese, Founder and President of the American Policy Center| 7/31/14

The attacks came fast and furious, from March through June. A coordinated attack to vilify, ostracize and neutralize efforts by local citizen activists who are standing in opposition to Agenda 21 and its policy called Sustainable Development. The terms “conspiracy theory,” “extremists,” “fear mongers,” and “far right,” are all over these obvious attempts to smear any opposition to the agenda of the Sustainablist planners that now swarm over nearly every community in America.

It started with the American Planning Association (APA) delivering yet another report in a continuing effort to understand the fierce opposition to its “innocent,” “locally- driven” programs. Apparently it is a mystery to the APA why there would be opposition to its plans to reorganize entire communities which sometimes result in turning people’s lives upside down. The APA has done a series of studies over the past few years in an attempt to find a way to silence or counter our opposition to planning. The latest report, issued in March, 2014, entitled “The Actions of Discontent,” was perhaps the most honest of the reports the APA has issued, when it said the opposition to planning is “marked by deep philosophical differences between activists and planning proponents…” That’s certainly better than saying we’re just nuts, unlike most of the usual attacks against us.

Case in point, the next attack came in April from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), yet again. This makes at least four SPLC reports I’m aware of, to specifically focus on me as the ring leader of the opposition. This report, entitled “Agenda 21, The UN, Sustainability and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory,” says “it’s time to call out the conspiracy theorists.” It demands that “politicians who spread falsehoods about Agenda 21 and its effects need to be shamed by other politicians, by editorial boards and other commentators and by the citizenry at large.” Those are pretty strong words. Apparently they are getting desperate to stop us.

That report was followed by another from the Natural Resources Defense Council entitled “Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theorists Threaten Cities’ Sustainability Efforts.” Next came another rant from “,” calling me the “Conspiracy King.” Then came articles in two national news magazines, each relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attack. Newsweek started it with a cover article entitled “The Plots to Destroy America.” Then came Fortune magazine and its smear of activist Rosa Koire, head of Democrats Against Agenda 21. Rosa told me that it started out as an interview, then, just to “even the playing field,” reporter David Morris decided to bring in ICLEI and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Yep. Two against one. That’s a little fairer odds than we usually get.

What we are witnessing is the panic of a collapsing tyranny which they thought was well in hand. And for a couple of decades it was all going the Sustainablist’s way, until some of us started to expose their hidden truths. Watch and learn America. This is how tyrants react to anyone who dares to challenge them. As is always the case, their tactic is a scorched earth policy to lash out in every direction with vicious force in hopes that something will stick.

In its complete exasperation, the SPLC demands that the business community, the Chamber of Commerce, local governments and the news media “needs to stop reporting on Agenda 21 as if it were a bona fide controversy and plainly state the facts about the plan.” Further, the SPLC demands that communities “need to be encouraged to return to or start to develop such plans in tandem with responsible groups like the American Planning Association.” In other words, just as in the climate change debate, the SPLC demands that there be no debate, no discussion – just shut up and do it!

Meanwhile the tyranny of sustainable policy builds in town after town, neighborhood after neighborhood.

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New Tactics To Fight Agenda 21
Tom DeWeese January 11, 2014

Over the past few years, as we’ve educated people on Agenda 21 and its UN origins, the natural reaction by concerned citizens and property rights activists has been to rush into city hall and accuse their elected representatives of enforcing international policies on the town. This has, of course, been met with skepticism and ridicule on the part of some of the officials (and encouraged by the NGO stakeholders and planning organizations that stand in the shadows). Today, the promoters of Agenda 21, including ICLEI and the American Planning Association (APA), have worked overtime to paint our movement as crazed conspiracy theorists wearing tin foil hats and hearing voices.
If we are to gain ground and ultimately defeat the Agenda 21 monster that is systematically ripping apart our Republic, then it’s time for our movement to learn from our mistakes and become more sophisticated in our approach. In short, it’s time to fight smarter.
Here’s an undeniable fact: Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development cannot be enforced without damaging private property rights. So, we need to begin to challenge the planners’ new “visions” for our communities by focusing on the direct affect those plans will have on our private property. However, to effectively take that step, we must first have a clear definition of what we mean by property rights. Otherwise various ideas of the meaning will confuse the issue and damage the effectiveness of our fight.
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Voters weighing in on Surprise General Plan

(Judy Blackburn and Bernard Paluch are mentioned in article)
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Surprise General Plan 2035

This paper is presented as a high level summary to make us aware of the related UN Agenda 21 influence in the Surprise General Plan. Many of the goals and recommendations taken independently, appear to be sound guidelines for a growing vibrant community. It’s when you put them all together that the trappings of Agenda 21 appear.
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May 19, 2013 Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban Agenda 21
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With a veto-proof majority, the Missouri legislature approved a popular bill protecting private property and due process rights by banning a deeply controversial United Nations “sustainability” scheme known as UN Agenda 21. The legislation, SB 265, now heads to Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, who has not yet taken a public position on the issue… Click here to read more

A Message from Tom DeWeese on Agenda 21