Birth Certificate

Obama’s Birth Certificate Investigation 9/20/16

Surprise Tea Party Patriots Meeting September 20, 2016

Minutes by Dale Brooks

Meeting began with Julie Wise, announcing that this is Police Recognition Night.
Blue Ribbons were passed out to all in attendance
Larry Pendelton led us in Prayer
Moment of silence was held for Bernie Palluch, who was one of our founders and a great help throughout his life. Bernie’s services were held in Chicago, where his children live.
Julie Reviewed our Tea Party Principals
Our meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month through the fall, winter, spring season.
Note: we will not meet on Oct 1 due to the second Presidential debate.
Check our Tea Party activities and information through our facebook page and website.
Phil Lovas spoke. Phil is our State Rep and Chairman of the AZ Trump Campaign.
Some ways to help:
Yard signs.
Trump Tuesday calling (through AZ and around the country)
Door hangers
Put on a meeting. The campaign will provide materials.
6 days to debate
20 days to register to vote
22 days to early voting
49 days (7 weeks) to election days
122 days til Trump takes office!!!
We all want to thank Sheriff Joe for the work he has done, keeping us safe
Our drawing tonight will have as 1st prize, a signed pair of pink underwear, official gear of tent
City residents.
Wed Oct 12: Francine Rumsfeild announced that Treavor Louden of New Zealand who wrote book
“Enemies From Within” will be honored at Knights of Columbus on 49th and Columbia
This book discusses the infiltration of our Congress by our enemies. Video by Glenn Beck Discusses Trogan Horses to bring US to its’ knees. Hardcore Anti-American forces are at their highest level. If America weakens, every western nation will crumble!
Jeff Leichter Introduced Sheriff Joe Arpaio, our guest speaker tonight.
Jeff was one of the Surprise Tea Party founders
He presented the timeline regarding Obama’s Eligibiliies and Birtherism.
Where was Obama Born? Is he a “Natural Born Citizen”? Are the Documents Fraudulant?
Birtherism is called a conspiracy theory and racist.
It is not born of racism. This is a media spin.
Birtherism is a search for the truth.
In April 2008, the whole country was talking about it, because John McCain’s eligibility was questioned
Obama’s eligibility began with Obama himself!
In a 2007 pamphlet from Harvard, which Obama approved regarding himself, Obama was
Recorded as being born in Kenya.
A resolution to allow McCain as a “natural born citizen” included votes by Obama, Clinton and 5 other
No one has questioned McCain if there was a deal to help him with that decision.
During the Convention of 2009, Obama’s nomination speech was altered to remove the 2nd sentence
Regarding eligibility.
Eligibility lawsuits were filed in almost every state. Legislation was initiated.
January 2010, Julie, Jim and Judy Burgess initiated legislation.
They were questioned, “Why are you filingn this, it’s racist legislation!”
The bill was buried by Senior Rep. Bob Burns, and never voted on.
Dr Terry Lakin refused to go to Afghanistan until Obama shows his birth certificate
Lakin served 5 months in Levinworth. He was courtmartialed and lost all military privileges.
2011 Arizona house tried to resubmit the bill
Carl Seal Kelly Townsend and others met with Donald Trump and his lawyer to discuss pending
AZ Eligibility Bill, including recording of Obama’s Kenyan Grandmother saying she was
Present at his birth in Kenya.
They reviewed his eligibility as a Natural Born Citizen, his Fake Social Security number, and a statement of a member of the Kenyan Parliament.
Trump predicted a fake birth certificate would likely surface. It did 19 days later.
April 15, 2011 the bill was defeated in committee and taken up as a striker bill, which passes house and senate. All Republicans were for the bill, all democrats were against it.
The bill was vetoed by Jan Brewer. Suspected of encouragement by John McCain.
5 other states had similar bills in place. Had Brewer passed it it would have created a tidal wave.
4/27/11 a National press converence was called and Obama released his (fake) birth certificate.
Result of Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi.
250-300 Petition Certificates were gathered by the Surprise Tea Party to request Sheriff Arpaio investigate the matter.
To convince the sheriff they presented it as “a law enforcement issue”
20 others gathered in the Sheriff’s office. Most said it won’t work!
Arpaio agreed to have his Cold Case Posse do an investigation
3/1/2012: Mike Zullo headed the investigation.
No one knows more about the errors found than Mike Zullo!
A press conference with videos and forensic proof of fake birth certificate were presented.
Live streamed on the internet.
3/31/12 Another press conference was held by Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe with 1200 in attendance.
They repeated the evidence previously shown.
No one from the press wanted to touch it
7/17/12 Sheriff Joe held another press conference declaring the birth certificate a forgery
9/22/12 “The Great Event that Didn’t Happen”
Scheduled event with Pat Boone, Terry Lakin and many others
Had to charge for attendance, but weren’t able to get the tickets to hold the event.
4/17/13 Recall efforts were made to remove Sheriff Joe from office, but were unsuccessful!
6/4/13 we were able to outraise money for recall efforts.
Larry Clayman was attorney
11/18 14, Jeff had a heart attack. While he was in the hospital Sheriff Joe visited him with the Obama Ineligibility
At this point Jeff introduced Sheriff Joe!!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks following standing ovation!
Joe Arpaio is originally from Springfield, Massachussettes
He spent 30 years in Federal Drug enforcement, mainly in Turkey, Mexico and the US
In 1992 he ran for office of Sheriff of Maricopa County (He joked that it was a stupid mistake)
At that time he believed the sheriff should be appointed, not elected
He joked that, looking back, to have said that he must have been drunk or something!
We elect our sheriff, who now serves over 4 million people in Maricopa County
When the Tea Party came to his office, he jokes they didn’t even bring him any tea.
They stated that the birth certificate is a violation of law.
He agreed that he would look into it.
He took the challenge to his posse, with mike as the commander
They took on the task for $0.00!!! No taxpayer money has been spent on this.
We are looking at a forged document and still stand by that decision
They are still not done with it. How can you back down?
Never forget, if you start an investigation you should complete it!
The Sheriff states they are lucky to be alive.
George Soros has poured tons of money into removing Joe from office
Media has grabbed Joe on other issues.
They have asked him if he is honored that Soros is after him
Joe replied, “Why should that matter when I have Holder and Obama after me!”
Sonora News reporter came to him with selective service question, and was shown all the evidence
Though it was a false document Joe states that to the media “I am still the bad guy!”
Sheriff Joe is glad the Tea Party continues to follow this process and that after 4 years they have “woke up”
The Surprise Tea Party Patriots have moved mountains to get Trump elected.
The sheriff sttes he had nothing to do with the meeting with Trump, and never met Trump til 3 months ago.
Donald Trump has never told Sheriff Joe what to say
Presidential candidates since the beginning have sought Joe’s endorsement.
“Maybe I like the guy because we share the same birthday, June 14.” But I’m 14 years older!
At the 2016 National convention Joe went as one of our State Delegates.
Joe states he was hooked from day 1
His wife watches him every day he is on Hannity. As she suffers from cancer, Trump has called her regularly.
In their first conversation they talked for 6 minutes. He told her, “Ill bring my airplane down any time and take you to Trump Tower!”
Sheriff Joe states that Donald Trump is truly a great guy, he is down to earth! He loves people.
This is going to be a tough election. Soros can do what he wants.
The Sheriff stated that it “hurt my heart when they burned the flag in Cleveland, and this football player!”
He laughed about the fancy gold button on Trump’s toilet. He says he still isn’t sure that he flushed it!
From day 1, Trump will defend the cops and the military.
His character drives him, and though he may not get everything on his list accomplished, we can be sure he will protect us!

Mike Zullo spoke next
Sheriff Joe has taken a lot of heat.
“I can’t count the nights that Joe called me, saying ‘did you think about this?’ or ‘have you seen that?’
We can walk with our heads held high, not taking the name calling of others seriously. We have the right to ask!
The media is “intellectually incompetent”, the certificate shown isn’t a birth certificate!
It is so fake that you couldn’t even get a little league pass with it!
An electronic image is not verifiable. When taken to Hawaii, even they couldn’t validate it.
Do all you can to get Arpaio elected again. The wrong guy would ultimately turn Phoenix into a sanctuary city.
Zullo has seen murder, rape, violent crimes at the border. The Feds are going after Joe hard!
The birth certificate is still very much ongoing. Painstaking efforts are being made to get it resolved.
They have tried to get forensic validation, and fraud validation from here, but USA is afraid to touch it.
They were assured by Kapalani Medical Center Head Doctor that Obama wasn’t born there
The government uses electronics to produce fake documents, so the only reasonable conclusion is that
The birth certificate is fake.
It is impossible to be real by their own admission.
Mike, Joe and Trump are not shaking with fear. They know the truth.
We will not be deterred. No matter how good the crime is, you always leave evidence behind.
Everyone knows there is a problem, but John Behner wouldn’t let it pass.
Comey basically said “we know we cant push this because of the way emails were distributed. Over 300 would be indicted.”
Something bigger is going on here. It doesn’t excuse it, but you end up getting sucked into things you don’t want to know.


Cold Case Posse – Obama’s Birth Certificate Investigation – Sheriff Joe Arpaio MCSO Published on Mar 9, 2012