What is Phoenix Mayor Stanton trying to hide?

Unbelievable! What is Phoenix Mayor Stanton trying to hide?

Check out the LIBERAL Phoenix Mayor Stanton as he refuses to let council members discuss his travel and security spending.

Mayor Stanton has announce he will run as a Democrat against our Secretary of State Michele Reagan. With an attitude like that displayed in the video Stanton should be considered for a “Bovine Feces” award because his behavior is pure BS.

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Let’s Talk

Time to talk, the first hour of our Monday Edition will be spent discussing President’s Trumps authority or lack of same to deal with immigration issues. Once again the obstructionist Democrats are using delaying tactics and pouting over National Security Issues.

* Can anyone tell me why democrats seem to care more about foreigners than US Citizens?

* Why are Democrats more interested in themselves than US Citizens?

* Are Democrats representing the opinions of George Soros or the majority of Americans?

* Should we reduce the number immigrants or eliminate immigration altogether?

These are the questions we’ll discuss Monday. Add you own questions to make this a lively evening.

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Flim-Flam Legislation

Did you know that each legislator is allowed to sponsor 7 bill per session? That’s 615 new bills per year. Can anyone tell me why we NEED this many new bills and how did we get along without the proposed legislation?

Avoid and reject Flim Flam Legislation by contacting Jose Borrajero at to receive his timely and important legislative update.

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Let’s put Flim Flam Legislation to bed once and for all!

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We continue on of education regarding the Founding Principles of America with Ben Wick.

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Don’t forget, Tuesday, February 14th is STATEHOOD DAY.

Secretary of State Michele Reagan will have several displays at the Capitol to commerate Arizona’s 105 Birthday and you’re invited.

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