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Horowitz: House GOP’s Empty Gesture on Immigration

Last week, five more Americans were killed thanks to yet another illegal alien released from a local prison. As we’ve noted before, Obama’s suspension of the Secure Communities program has led to the breakdown of all cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement. The problem is more systemic than sanctuary cities; we are suffering from sanctuary nation.

Unfortunately, ever since Obama has suspended deportations, Republicans have refused to confront him in a serious manner. They have refused to use the power of the purse to end Obama’s amnesty and restore Secure Communities. They have even declined to pass standalone enforcement legislation, such as the Davis-Oliver bill, which would have prevented the jailbreak of illegal aliens that led to the killing spree in Kansas City last week.

On Thursday, the GOP-controlled House finally plans to act on immigration. This “action,” however, it will be nothing more than an empty gesture and will actually create a precedent to further legitimize the super power of the courts and delegitimize the power of Congress over the sovereignty of our nation. The House will vote on a resolution to allow Speaker Paul Ryan to file an amicus brief in U.S. v. Texas, the case pending before the Supreme Court that will decide the constitutionality of Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty.

“…why use the legislative and budgetary leverage when you could just grovel before the courts and file an amicus brief!”

From Ryan’s vantage point, why use the legislative and budgetary leverage when you could just grovel before the courts and file an amicus brief! By pleading with the Court to protect our sovereignty instead of using legislative warfare to block Obama’s amnesty, Congress is implicitly crowning the judiciary king over immigration policy.

This represents a very dangerous precedent and is a complete departure from our history as a representative republic. As I will lay out in my new book, Stolen Sovereignty [which you can pre-order on Amazon], not only has the judiciary become the final arbiter of all constitutional issues, a complete departure from our founding values, but what was supposed to be the weakest branch of government is rapidly becoming the supreme authority over immigration.

For the first two hundred years of our nation’s history, the courts rightfully deferred to congressional statutes and recognized the legislature’s plenary power over the sovereignty of the nation. As Justice Felix Frankfurter said, “there is not merely ‘a page of history’. . . but a whole volume. . . that the formulation of these policies [immigration] is entrusted exclusively to Congress has become about as firmly embedded in the legislative and judicial tissues of our body politic as any aspect of our government. . . .”[i]

This is rapidly changing as the courts have granted amnesty and mandated the release of thousands of violent criminal aliens in recent years. For Congress to openly abdicate its responsibility to defend its statutes and defer to the court in an effort to stymie executive amnesty will have a long-term effect of empowering the courts to grant judicial amnesty.

Meanwhile, as the GOP Congress abdicates its responsibility and focuses on meaningless, banal, and politically correct bills that are impossible to harness and use as weapons against Obama’s transformative agenda, Obama’s approval has risen to its highest levels in three years. These guys still don’t get it.



Bombshell: Obama To Cut Border Surveillance In Half
Agents threatened with termination for enforcing law

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is planning to cut 50 percent of the budget for aerial surveillance along the U.S.-Mexico border, agents revealed at a congressional hearing Thursday.

In an effort to understand why DHS is cutting funding, Texas’s Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, wrote a bi-partisan letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

“Any decrease in aerial observation is not only imprudent, but contradicts the very mission of border security enforcement,” the letter states.

The lawmakers’ letter also asks for detailed information about the reduction aerial-based border security, also known as Operation Phalanx.

Abbott and Cuellar describe news of the funding cut for border security as “unsettling.”

“It has come to our attention that for calendar year 2016 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requested 3,850 hours of persistent aerial detection, situational awareness and monitoring capability support for Operation Phalanx from the Department of Defense (DOD). This request was fifty percent lower than that of recent years. Given the recent surge of migrants from Central America and Cuba along the southern border, we believe DHS should request more surveillance and security resources, not fewer. Moreover, Texas requested additional aerial observation resources in a September 30, 2015, letter that went unanswered by your department.

“The fact that DHS now appears to be taking the opposite approach is unsettling.”

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, said she learned of the plans to cut the funding at Thursday’s House Judiciary hearing, at which she also testified.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw mentioned it.

“It’s very concerning – with the security risks now confronting our nation, and a continuing influx of illegal migration across the southern border that includes criminal smuggling activity, why on earth would the government want to slash in half an important asset like aerial border surveillance?” Vaughan told WND. “That’s the kind of program that enables us to know what is happening on the border and what is getting by, so that agents on the ground can be sent to intercept.”

The surveillance is critical to what is known in the security business as “situational awareness,” said Vaughan, who also testified at Thursday’s hearing.

“Apparently the Obama administration doesn’t want to know what is coming across the border, and doesn’t want the Border Patrol to know, either,” she said.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration or ALIPAC, said the situation at the border continues to spin out of control.

“We have also heard that Border Patrol has been ordered to just catch and release illegals without detaining them,” he said. “With the new unprecedented wave of illegal immigration coming in via the ‘border Surge’ and the new wave of (more than 28,000) Cubans illegally immigrating to the U.S., it appears word has reached all reaches of the Earth that America’s defensive shields have been sabotaged from within.”

No longer enforcing U.S. law

The news about pending cuts in surveillance comes on the heels of Thursday’s report that the Obama administration was no longer enforcing U.S. law at the southern border, allowing illegal alien women and children to enter freely with a “catch and release” policy. The illegals are caught, given notice to appear in court for a deportation hearing and released. But more than 40 percent have been ignoring the court summons, which became a source of deep embarrassment to the DHS, said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, at the hearing Thursday. So, to ameliorate the embarrassment the notices to appear are no longer being handed out as long as the person entering doesn’t have a felony record.

Fired for doing their jobs?

Furthermore on Thursday a top Border Patrol agent revealed that if border agents follow the law and ask illegal aliens why they are coming to the U.S. they will be terminated, the Daily Caller reported.

“Right now the Border Patrol has actually told us that we can no longer ask them that question, why are they coming any more?” Judd testified. “We can’t even ask that question. In some cases we still do, but we are being told that you can’t even ask why they are coming.”

“What do you think are the consequences for agents who are unwilling to comply with these limiting policies?” asked Rep. Raul Labrador.

“They’ll be terminated,” Judd replied.

He said no agents have yet been fired because the agents in Judd’s group follow the policy directives.

Illegal immigration surged in 2014, and Judd said that “we’re actually seeing a lot more at this point than what we did in 2014.” He added that the Border Patrol currently does not have the resources to adequately respond.

“Why did the cartels drive them to the middle of the desert and then have them cross over the Rio Grande only to surrender to the first Border Patrol Agent they came across?” Judd told the committee. “The reason is that it completely tied up our manpower and allowed the cartels to smuggle whatever they wanted across our border.”

“Our gates are wide open and the final siege of America is well under way,” Gheen told WND



Paul Ryan Builds Border Fence Around Mansion Doesn’t fund Border Fence Omnibus

A recent Breitbart News investigation reveals that Rep. Paul Ryan, who has a two-decade-long history of promoting open borders immigration policies, seems to support border fences for himself, even as he denies the American people those same protections.

While Paul Ryan’s omnibus spending bill does not provide funding for the mandatory completion of a 700-mile double-layer border fence that Congress promised the American people nearly a decade ago when it passed the 2006 Secure Fence Act, Paul Ryan has constructed a fence around his property.

As Breitbart News’s photographic documentation reveals, Ryan’s home is surrounded by a tall border fence reinforced by equally high bushes— ensuring both privacy and security. Moreover, the fence is manned by an on-duty agent who guards his property’s perimeter. Upon even the slightest appearance of any unusual activity— such as a 5’2″ female taking a photograph of the fence— Ryan’s border agent will deploy into action to ensure the perimeter’s sovereignty.


Over the course of the past six months, there has been heightened national focus on Americans’ desire for a border fence following the GOP presidential frontrunners’ call for a border wall. A Rasmussen Reports survey released in August of this year found that likely Republican voters, by greater than a 4-1 margin, support Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall (70 percent vs. 17 percent). Amongst all likely voters, a majority (51 percent) support building the border wall.

Congress promised the American people a 700-mile border fence in the 2006 Secure Fence Act. However, funding for the project was subsequently gutted and, as a result, construction was never completed.

While Paul Ryan’s $1.1 trillion year-end omnibus spending package was able to allocate funding for immigration programs that benefit foreign nationals— such as federal grants for lawless sanctuary cities and the U.S. resettlement tens of thousands of refugees— his bill does not require an allotment of funds be spent on the completion of the 700-mile-long fence that the American voters were promised.

Sen. Jeff Sessions has previously highlighted the hypocrisy of immigration expansionists who surround their homes with border fences and monitor who comes on their property but do not apparently believe the American people deserve the same protections. Sessions pointed specifically to open borders advocate Mark Zuckerberg who, according to reports, spent $30 million buying the surrounding four homes around his own property in order to get “a little more privacy.”

Sessions said, “Well, the ‘masters of the universe’ are very fond of open borders as long as these open borders don’t extend to their gated compounds and fenced-off estates.”

On previous occasions, Ryan has repeatedly suggested that the American people are not entitled to discriminate against who enters their country on a visa. When Sean Hannity asked Paul Ryan about whether or not he would support curbs to Muslim immigration, Paul Ryan declared, “That’s not who we are.”

However, Ryan’s fence ensures that no refugees will be able to enter his property without his permission— even as U.S. communities are not able to make any such restrictions.

In 2013, when Ryan traveled with Rep. Luis Gutierrez to stump for Sen. Marco Rubio’s immigration agenda, Ryan declared that America “is more than our borders” and that the U.S. ought to have an “open door” system where foreign nationals can come and go as they please.

“America is more than just a country,” Ryan said. “It’s more than Chicago, or Wisconsin. It’s more than our borders. America is an idea. It’s a very precious idea.”

Ryan disparaged Americans who opposed large-scale immigration, characterizing that attitude as ignorant, declaring that throughout American history, “Each wave [of immigration] is met with some ignorance, is met with some resistance.”

Ryan said, “We want to have a system where people can come here and work– go back and forth if they want to… so that we have an open door to the people who want to come and contribute to our country, who want to come and make a difference in their families’ lives, and our economy.”



US Taking 100k Muslim Refugees / Year


With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations


Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter In Obama’s Trade Agreement

Discovered inside the huge tranche of secretive Obamatrade documents released by Wikileaks are key details on how technically any Republican voting for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would fast-track trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal would technically also be voting to massively expand President Obama’s executive authority when it comes to immigration matters.

The mainstream media covered the Wikileaks document dump extensively, but did not mention the immigration chapter contained within it, so Breitbart News took the documents to immigration experts to get their take on it. Nobody has figured how big a deal the documents uncovered by Wikileaks are until now. (See below)

The president’s Trade in Services Act (TiSA) documents, which is one of the three different close-to-completely-negotiated deals that would be fast-tracked making up the president’s trade agreement, show Obamatrade in fact unilaterally alters current U.S. immigration law. TiSA, like TPP or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) deals, are international trade agreements that President Obama is trying to force through to final approval. The way he can do so is by getting Congress to give him fast-track authority through TPA.

TiSA is even more secretive than TPP. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill can review the text of TPP in a secret, secured room inside the Capitol—and in some cases can bring staffers who have high enough security clearances—but with TiSA, no such draft text is available.

Voting for TPA, of course, would essentially ensure the final passage of each TPP, T-TIP, and TiSA by Congress, since in the history of fast-track any deal that’s ever started on fast-track has been approved.

Roughly 10 pages of this TiSA agreement document leak are specifically about immigration.

“The existence of these ten pages on immigration in the Trade and Services Agreement make it absolutely clear in my mind that the administration is negotiating immigration – and for them to say they are not – they have a lot of explaining to do based on the actual text in this agreement,” Rosemary Jenks, the Director of Government Relations at Numbers USA, told Breitbart News following her review of these documents.

Obama will be able to finalize all three of the Obamatrade deals, without any Congressional input, if Congress grants him fast-track authority by passing TPA. Fast-track lowers the vote thresholds in the Senate and blocks Congress from amending any trade deals—and also, since each of these three deals are pretty much entirely negotiated already, it wouldn’t lead to any more congressional involvement or transparency with each.

The Senate passed the TPA last month, so it is up to the House to put the brakes on Obama’s unilateral power. The House could vote as early as Friday on fast-track, but may head into next week. By all counts, it’s going to be a very tight vote—and may not pass. It remains to be seen what will happen in light of leaks about things like the immigration provisions of TiSA—which deals with 24 separate parties, mostly different nations but also the European Union. It is focused on increasing the free flow of services worldwide—and with that, comes labor. Labor means immigration and guestworkers.

“This Trade and Services Agreement is specifically mentioned in TPA as being covered by fast-track authority, so why would Congress be passing a Trade Promotion Authority Act that covers this agreement, if the U.S. weren’t intended to be a party to this agreement – so at the very least, there should be specific places where the U.S. exempts itself from these provisions and there are not,” explained Jenks.

She emphasized that this is a draft, but at this point “certainly the implication is that the U.S. intends to be a party to all or some of the provisions of this agreement. There is nothing in there that says otherwise, and there is no question in my mind that some of the provisions in this Trade and Services Agreement would require the United States to change its immigration laws.”

In 2003, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution that said no immigration provision should be in trade agreements – and in fact, former Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) voted for this resolution.

The existence of these 10 pages is in clear violation of that earlier unanimous decision, and also in violation of the statements made by the U.S. Trade Representative.

“He has told members of Congress very specifically the U.S. is not negotiating immigration – or at least is not negotiating any immigration provisions that would require us to change our laws. So, unless major changes are made to the Trade and Services Agreement – that is not true,” said Jenks.

There are three examples within the 10 pages of areas where the U.S. would have to alter current immigration law.

First, on page 4 and 5 of the agreement, roughly 40 industries are listed where potentially the U.S. visa processes would have to change to accommodate the requirements within the agreement.

Jenks explained that under the agreement, the terms don’t have an economic needs based test, which currently U.S. law requires for some types of visa applications in order to show there aren’t American workers available to fill positions.

Secondly, on page 7 of the agreement, it suggests, “The period of processing applications may not exceed 30 days.”

Jenks said this is a massive problem for the U.S. because so many visa applications take longer than 30 days.

“We will not be able to meet those requirements without essentially our government becoming a rubber stamp because it very often takes more than 30 days to process a temporary worker visa,” she said.

Jenks also spotted another issue with the application process.

“The fact that there’s a footnote in this agreement that says that face to face interviews are too burdensome … we’re supposed to be doing face to face interviews with applicants for temporary visas,” she added.

“According to the State Department Consular Officer, it’s the in person interviews that really gives the Consular Officer an opportunity to determine – is this person is a criminal, is this person a terrorist … all of those things are more easily determined when you’re sitting face to face with someone and asking those questions.”

The third issue is present on page 4 of the agreement. It only provides an “[X]” where the number of years would be filled in for the entry or temporary stay.

Jenks explained that for example, with L visas under current U.S. immigration law, the time limit is seven years – so if the agreement were to go beyond seven years, it would change current U.S. law.

This wouldn’t be unconstitutional if Obama has fast-track authority under TPA, as Congress would essentially have given him the power to finalize all aspects of the negotiations, including altering immigration law.

“I think this whole thing makes it very clear that this administration is negotiating immigration – intends to make immigration changes if they can get away with it, and I think it’s that much more critical that Congress ensure that the administration does not have the authority to negotiate immigration,” Jenks said.


Full Hearing: Arpaio V. Obama Oral Argument
On Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty


Sheriff Joe warns amnesty judge on ‘defiant’ Obama

An attorney for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County is asking the judge who ordered federal bureaucrats not to implement President Obama’s amnesty-by-memo plan to order a hearing over the administration’s apparent refusal to abide by the order.

A notice and recommendation was filed Friday in the Texas case, which was brought by 26 states, by attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch on behalf of Arpaio, who has his own lawsuit against Obama over amnesty but joined the Texas case in a friend-of-the-court filing.

“Several reports indicate that the executive branch under the Obama administration has not complied with this court’s temporary injunction, but continues full-speed to implement a grant of amnesty and related benefits to approximately 5 million citizens of foreign countries who are illegally in the United States under the defendants’ November 20, 2014, executive action programs implemented by several memoranda issued by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson,” the filing explains.

The suggestion is accompanied by a motion seeking “further leave” of the court to file the request.

It explains: “If the defendants have in fact halted implementation of the programs in compliance with the court’s temporary injunction, the opportunity to assure the court and other observers of this may be afforded by the court asking for a response on whether the reports of continued implementation are accurate and whether the injunction is being complied with.”

Two weeks ago, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen ordered federal agencies to stop implementation of the Obama amnesty plan because officials failed to comply with the Administrative Procedures Act.

He did not reach a determination of the constitutionality of Obama’s executive actions, a decision Klayman is hopeful will be delivered by a federal appeals court in Washington, where his case on behalf of Arpaio now is pending.

Since the issuance of Hanen’s temporary injunction, the White House has asked that it be overturned.

Klayman’s filing noted Obama’s statement at a town hall meeting in Miami on Feb. 25 that he won’t be deterred by “one federal judge” on immigration.

Obama, according to the Washington Times, “told a Miami crowd that he will move ahead with his executive action on immigration and vowed that his administration will become even more aggressive in the weeks and months to come.”

Klayman’s filing also noted Obama said: “This is just one federal judge. We have appealed it very aggressively. We’re going to be as aggressive as we can.”

Wrote Klayman: “The Obama administration is continuing to signal not only its disagreement with the court’s order, which is its right, but beyond that its non-compliance with the court’s order.”

The attorney also noted a report from Judicial Watch, a public interest organization, that said “a source within the U.S. government contracting industry” said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “is continuing at full speed to implement the ‘deferred action’ programs created on November 20, 2014.”

“In short,” Klayman told the court, “President Obama’s defiant pledge in Miami, Florida, on February 25, 2015, to move forward aggressively with implementation of his deferred action amnesty by executive over-reach … more than suggests that the Obama administration is continuing to implement the executive action amnesty in defiance of the court’s temporary injunction.

“Given the strong reports that DHS is continuing to implement the programs that the court enjoined, the court should issue an order to show cause and call for clarification and assurance from the defendants that they are and will comply with the court’s temporary injunction, and if not take immediate remedial actions to [ensure] that the order is being complied with.”

The Obama administration’s action “to expend taxpayers money in violation of this court’s temporary injunction order would be another affront to the rule of law,” he wrote.

WND reported earlier this week that Obama’s amnesty plan took another step forward.

It came when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the extension of a program allowing spouses of certain visa holders to obtain work permits.

According to the Washington Times, the move will, in 90 days, allow some 180,000 immigrants to be eligible for the benefit “in the first year.”

“Allowing the spouses of these visa holders to legally work in the United States makes perfect sense,” the newspaper quoted agency chief Leon Rodriguez saying. “It helps U.S. businesses keep their highly skilled workers by increasing the chances these workers will choose to stay in this country during the transition from temporary workers to permanent residents.”

The Texas lawsuit was filed when the states suddenly faced massive new demands for public services such as schooling and health care from foreigners who previously had been subject to deportation.

Hanen granted a preliminary injunction that prevents the government from enforcing the Obama administration’s immigration orders. The ruling also confirmed WND’s exclusive report that, contrary to popular perception, the order to delay deportation was not an executive order by the president. Instead, it was a memorandum issued by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson at Obama’s direction.

Klayman even noted that according to a Weekly Standard report, Obama was threatening “consequences” for federal employees who followed the judge’s order, instead of the amnesty memos from Johnson.

That report quoted Obama saying: “Until we pass a law through Congress, the executive actions we’ve taken are not going to be permanent; they are temporary. There are going to be some jurisdictions and there may be individual ICE official or Border Control agent not paying attention to our new directives. But they’re going to be answerable to the head of Homeland Security because he’s been very clear about what our priorities will be.”

He continued, “If somebody’s working for ICE … and they don’t follow the policy, there’s going to be consequences to it.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., described the administration’s action as “another program that has not been authorized by law.”

“There’s been no sense at all by President Obama, the Department of Home Security [Secretary] Jeh Johnson, the Democratic members of this Congress, no concern about the employment prospects of lawful immigrants, green card holders and native-born Americans,” Sessions told the Times. “The first thing we should do is be focusing on getting jobs for Americans that are unemployed. Are we going to keep Americans on welfare and benefits while we bring in more and more foreigners to take jobs when we’ve got Americans ready and willing to take those jobs?”

Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also raised the issue of compliance with the court order.

“Violating an unambiguous federal court order by defying its instructions to cease and desist a particular activity would represent a significant breach of your authority, and would be an escalation in abuse of our separation of powers,” Cruz wrote to administration officials. “For a president and his cabinet to telegraph intent to violate a federal court order requires additional scrutiny from Congress.”

But administration officials were unabashed in their intent.

The Washington Times said Cecilia Munoz, White House domestic policy director, addressed the issue: “It’s important to put [Hanen’s order] in context, because the broader executive actions are moving forward. The administration continues to implement the portions of the actions that the president and the Department of Homeland Security took, which were not affected by the court’s ruling.”

But Hanen’s order said: “The United States of America, its departments, agencies, officers, agents and employees and Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; R. Gil Kerlikowske, commissioner of United States customs and Border Protection; Ronald D. Vitiello, deputy chief of United States Border Patrol, United States Customs and Border Protection; Thomas S. Winkowski, acting director of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and Leon Rodriguez, director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are hereby enjoined from implementing any and all aspects or phases of the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents.”

And even Obama himself said he couldn’t do it alone.

House Speaker John Boehner has listed online 22 times when Obama has made such statements.

For example, in October 2010, Obama said: “I am president, I am not king. I can’t do these things just by myself. … I’ve got to have some partners to do it. … If Congress has laws on the books that says that people who are here who are not documented have to be deported, then I can exercise some flexibility in terms of where we deploy our resources, to focus on people who are really causing problems as opposed to families who are just trying to work and support themselves. But there’s a limit to the discretion that I can show because I am obliged to execute the law. … I can’t just make the laws up by myself.”

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano has said unless an appeals court intervenes in the case, Obama’s amnesty program likely will fail.

He commented on the government’s request for that intervention.

“They basically said the government will be irreparably harmed if you don’t lift this injunction because we need to provide a service to the illegal aliens we promised we would help.”

Napolitano said the government “wants to break the law so it can help other lawbreakers stay here.”

WND also reported when yet another a federal judge in Pennsylvania declared the amnesty unconstitutional.

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause and, therefore, is unconstitutional,” said U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab.

The judge noted Obama “contended that although legislation is the most appropriate course of action to solve the immigration debate, his executive action was necessary because of Congress’ failure to pass legislation, acceptable to him, in this regard.”

“This proposition is arbitrary and does not negate the requirement that the November 20, 2014, executive action be lawfully within the president’s executive authority,” the judge wrote. “It is not.



Gowdy Opening Statement at Hearing on Immigration Executive Actions



It didn’t take long for one of the GOP establishment’s most public faces to reveal why House Speaker John Boehner’s amnesty advocate Becky Tallent was pushing last week to revive the once-dead border bill from House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX).

In a lengthy Senate floor speech on Wednesday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)—a member of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty group from last Congress that failed to get its bill through both chambers—said that Republicans shouldn’t “poke the president in the eye” by fighting to stop his executive amnesty.

“I want to say from the outset that I don’t think the president did the right thing by taking this unilateral action,” Flake said on the Senate floor about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill that blocks Obama’s executive amnesty actions.

I think he’s made it more difficult to pass immigration reform in this body. Having said that, to attempt to use a spending bill in order to try to poke a finger in the president’s eye is not a good move in my view. I believe that rather than poke the president in the eye, we ought to put legislation on his desk. And we ought to use this time, we’ve already used up two weeks trying to attach the measure to a funding bill when we could have used this time to actually move actual immigration legislation.

The “immigration legislation” Flake specifically mentioned he wants to push is the border bill from McCaul.

“There has been a bill introduced in the House and in the Senate,” Flake said about it. “I happen to be a cosponsor of the bill in the Senate which would help us get a more secure border. That’s one piece of legislation we could be moving right now and put on the president’s desk.”

The Senate version of the McCaul border bill was introduced before the House had to pull the McCaul bill due to lack of support. Flake joined Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX)–the Majority Whip–and Ron Johnson (R-WI) in introducing the Senate version of the bill.

Flake then laid out how the McCaul border bill would be the first in a series of bills, including an amnesty for illegal aliens, an increase in guest workers including H-1B visas that take jobs away from Americans.

“We also need legislation to expand the guest worker plans and programs that we have now, legislation that has been introduced in this body already to deal with high-tech workers,” Flake said.

Later, he specifically talked about the need for an amnesty for illegal aliens—something any member who supports the McCaul border bill is in essence enabling.

We also need, obviously, to move legislation to deal with those who are here illegally, the so-called DREAMers. Those who are here from no fault of their own who have come to this country, been brought when they were 2 years old or 10 years old and are now as American as you or me. They ought to be given a path where they can stay here in some kind of certainty moving ahead. That needs to be done by Congress. We can’t simply be done by the president and executive action. That legislation could move here now as well. We obviously need to deal with legislation for the broader class of those who are here illegally. We dealt with it in the Senate Bill 744 that was introduced and passed in the Senate in the last Congress that provided a way for those who are here illegally to get right with the law, to deport those who are in a criminal class but also allow those who are here who want to adjust their status to find a way to do so and be able to stay here. Legislation like that could move as well.

Flake then bemoaned that, instead of using the McCaul border bill as a cover bill for the eventual amnesty and other controversial immigration legislative pieces—essentially the breaking of up of the Gang of Eight bill into pieces—Republicans are spending their time trying to stop Obama’s executive amnesty.

“Instead, we’re spending weeks just trying to make a statement on a spending bill,” Flake complained.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) was the first to warn that the McCaul bill is a “Trojan Horse” for a larger controversial immigration package. He and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, have been sounding the alarm about the McCaul bill’s many problems in addition to that.

Specifically, the McCaul bill doesn’t have a double-layer border fence for the full 700 miles required by current law. It only provides such a fence for 48 miles of the border because, as several aides to McCaul said in interviews with Breitbart News and in private meetings on Capitol Hill, McCaul doesn’t think building a fence would help stop illegal immigration–and because a fence would be too expensive.

In addition, most importantly, the McCaul bill does nothing to stop Obama’s catch-and-release of illegal aliens. Right now, if Border Patrol apprehends an illegal alien at the border, the illegal is transferred to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) processing facility. From there, the illegal is essentially guaranteed the ability to stay in the United States pretty much indefinitely under the president’s non-enforcement directives. Rep. Brat has an amendment to the McCaul bill that would stop Obama’s catch-and-release by allowing Border Patrol to process, then immediately deport, any new illegal aliens caught crossing the border.

Instead of embracing that solution, however, Republicans in the GOP establishment—including specifically Speaker Boehner’s amnesty advocate Becky Tallent—have argued that they don’t have jurisdiction to do so, even though McCaul’s own team admitted to Breitbart News that yes, in fact, they do.



Border States Of America


TRAGIC: Illegal Alien With Criminal Record Kills AZ Clerk Over a Pack of Cigarettes

Grant Ronnebeck was working the graveyard shift Thursday morning at a central Mesa convenience store when an angry customer approached the counter.

Ronnebeck’s friends say the clerk was ill at ease at this particular QT, having been recently transferred from a store in what he thought was a safer area. Still, the 21-year-old was well accustomed to dealing with people in the wee hours — he’d been working in convenience stores since QT hired him at age 16.

The man dumped a handful of change on the store counter just before 4 a.m., demanded a pack of cigarettes and, when Ronnebeck tried to count the money, pointed a gun at the clerk’s head, authorities said.

Ronnebeck handed over the cigarettes immediately, according to Mesa police, but it wasn’t enough to save his life.

“The clerk says, ‘I can’t give you the cigarettes until I count the money,’ ” said Detective Steve Berry, a Mesa police spokesman. “At that point, the (man) shoots him anyway.”

Police apprehended a suspect, identified as Apolinar Altamirano, 29, by 5:30 a.m. after a high-speed chase on surface streets and at least two Valley freeways.

Ronnebeck was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting.

“Grant had a big heart. He was loving and outgoing and full of life,” Samantha Hansen, a friend of Ronnebeck’s, said between tears. “It’s unfair. To think it’s over a couple of packs of cigarettes. It’s not right.”

Hansen held her 1-year-old son, Jackson, while standing outside the yellow police tape surrounding the store at about noon on Thursday.

Hansen and Ronnebeck were classmates at Mesa High School, where he took drama classes and painted his face purple — one of the school’s colors — at Jackrabbits football games. They graduated in 2011.

She described Ronnebeck as a people person who made friends quickly and was “like a comedian.”

“We are losing our funny friend,” Hansen said.

“He didn’t deserve it. It was such a shock.”

A witness to the convenience-store shooting ran out into Stapley Drive, near Broadway Road, to flag down a police officer who happened to be driving by.

Police said they used a vehicle description provided by the witness to quickly locate a suspect in a nearby neighborhood.

But taking the man into custody proved far more difficult and dangerous. Police said Altamirano fled in a vehicle, triggering a high-speed chase on at least two Valley freeways that ended when an officer intentionally rammed the suspect’s car, causing it to spin out in southwest Phoenix at 19th Avenue and Buckeye Road.

Altamirano was arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder, armed robbery, burglary, unlawful flight and misconduct involving weapons because he is a prohibited possessor. Court records show Altamirano initially was charged with burglary in 2012, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of facilitation to commit burglary and was placed on probation for two years. A court document said he was born in Mexico and was in the U.S. illegally. A judge had ordered notification of U.S. immigration officials.

Although police appreciate witnesses’ help and were glad to make a quick arrest, the outcome is still tragic, Berry said.

“Unfortunately, someone took this life,” he said. “Other than that, the best we can do is to get the suspect into custody quickly.”


Rep. Gowdy Responds to Obama’s Potential Executive Action on Immigration


U.S. judge throws out Arizona sheriff’s immigration suit against Obama

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit brought against Barack Obama by an Arizona police chief who called the U.S. president’s sweeping immigration reforms unconstitutional, saying the plaintiff lacked legal standing in the case.
Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia denied the demand by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a preliminary injunction to halt the policies.
Arpaio, who calls himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” filed the case last month, saying Obama had overstepped his powers by bypassing Congress and ordering the changes himself.
Arpaio’s lawsuit said the reforms, which eased the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants, amounted to an amnesty and would encourage more people to cross the border illegally.
Beryl’s 33-page decision said Arpaio did not meet the legal requirements to qualify as a person of standing in bringing the case on constitutional grounds.
The biggest overhaul to immigration in a generation has set up a confrontation between the president and Republicans, who will take full control of Congress in January and have said the president had gone too far by imposing the changes.
Obama has dismissed Republican accusations that the changes amounted to an amnesty for illegal immigrants.
White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Howell’s decision confirms that “the president’s executive actions on immigration are lawful.”
An Arizona federal judge in May 2013 ruled that deputies of Arpaio’s office had racially profiled Latino drivers.
The judge ordered that race no longer be used as a factor in law enforcement decisions and appointed a court monitor to oversee Arpaio’s operations.
Arpaio has denied that racial profiling occurred and has appealed against the judge’s ruling.




Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1746, I, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct:

1) I am over the age of 18 years old and mentally and legally competent to make this affidavit sworn under oath.

2) I am the elected Sheriff of Maricopa County, State of Arizona. I have held the Office of Sheriff since 1993. Previously, I served as a Regional Director for the Department of Justice in the Drug Enforcement Agency fighting crime and drug trafficking around the world, after serving as a police officer for five years in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, Nevada. I infiltrated drug organizations from Turkey to the Middle East to Mexico, Central, and South America to cities around the United States. I also served as head of the Drug Enforcement Agency for Arizona.

3) By this lawsuit, I am seeking to have the President and the other Defendants obey the U.S. Constitution and the immigration laws, which prevents the Obama Administration’s Executive Order (hereinafter “Executive Actions”) from having been issued in the first place.

4) I am aware that President Obama has acknowledged repeatedly prior to November 20, 2014 that his actions of granting Executive Actions are unconstitutional.

5) Specifically, I am aware that on March 28, 2011, President Obama stated: “America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the President, am obligated to enforce the law. I don’t have a choice about that . . . Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.”

6) I am also aware that on May 10, 2011, President Obama stated: “ . . . sometimes when I talk to immigration advocates, they wish I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself. But that’s not how a democracy works.”

7) I am aware that on July 25, 2014, President Obama stated: “[n]ow, I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books . . . . Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own . . . . Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how – that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.”

8) I am aware that on July 1, 2014, the President stated: “[t]here are those in the immigrants’ rights community who have argued passionately that we should simply provide those who are [here] legally with legal status, or at least ignore the laws on the books and put an end to deportation until we have better laws . . . . I believe such an indiscriminate approach would be both unwise and unfair.”

9) The unconstitutional act of the President’s Executive Actions must be enjoined by a court of law on behalf of not just myself and my Office which represents the people of Maricopa County, Arizona, but all of the American people.

10) As a result of President Obama’s Executive Order, which was announced on November 20, 2014, my Sheriff’s Office responsible for Maricopa County, Arizona, and the people of Maricopa County has already suffered and will suffer significant harm.

11) This unconstitutional act by the President has had and will continue to have a serious detrimental impact on my carrying out the duties and responsibilities for which I am charged as elected Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

12) Specifically, President Obama’s Executive Actions have and will continue to severely strain our resources, both in manpower and financially, necessary to protect the citizens I was elected to serve.

13) For instance, among the many negative effects of Defendants’ Executive Actions is the increased release of criminal aliens back onto the streets of Maricopa County, Arizona, and the rest of the nation.

14) In addition, the flood of illegal aliens into Arizona has cost and will cost my Sheriff’s Office money and resources.

15) Based on my personal and professional experience, President Obama’s June 15, 2012 Executive Order concerning adults who arrived illegally as children, which Obama has called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), is likely to cause an increased flood of illegal aliens into Arizona.

16) The increased flow of illegal aliens into U.S. border states has been stimulated by the hope of obtaining U.S. citizenship because of President Obama’s six (6) years of promising what is in effect amnesty to those who make it to the United States.

17) Based on my experience, with President Obama’s Executive Actions, even if new illegal aliens coming into Maricopa County, Arizona may not qualify under the Executive Actions, floods of new illegal aliens have and will swarm across the border because they are attracted to the idea of what is, in effect, amnesty.

18) The increased flow of illegal aliens has caused and will cause in the future an increase in property damage, crime, and burdened resources in Maricopa County, throughout Arizona, and across the border region.

19) Landowners report large-scale trespassing on their land by illegal aliens transiting from the border into the interior of the country, associated with destruction of property, theft, crimes of intimidation, trespassing, and disruption of their use of their own land.

20) Within my jurisdiction, my Office must respond to all such reports and investigate such criminal activity.

21) My deputies must be out on the streets, risking their lives, to police Maricopa County, Arizona.

22) In October 2014, 307 illegal immigrants were arrested by my deputies and officers in Maricopa County and given detainers by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Of that number, 96 are repeat offenders (31.2%), having had prior bookings with detainers placed on them. Among those include two illegal aliens who have been booked into my jail 19 times each, one of which had 11 prior detainers, and extraordinarily, within the last year. These statistics mirror what has happened in every month of 2014.

23) Because of serious harm to my Office and the duties I was elected to fulfill as a law enforcement officer, on November 3, 2014, I met with Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05) to discuss the possibility of launching a congressional hearing into why ICE keeps releasing illegal aliens charged of crimes back onto the streets of our communities. (Exhibit 1).

24) I also wrote the Honorable Jeh Johnson in June of 2014 – after he had visited Arizona just a week before I mailed the letter and failed to meet with me – extending the invitation to meet with him again, hoping to improve local/federal cooperation. (Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3).

25) My duty is to investigate fraud and where appropriate, refer for prosecution. This will necessarily increase expenditures by my Office in policing employment related fraud in Maricopa County, since some of the illegals being hired are likely to be convicted criminals under the President’s Executive Actions.

26) I performed a survey for the last 3 months.

27) I found out that over 1,200 illegal aliens were booked in our jails over the last three (3) months, arrested for committing crimes in Maricopa County under Arizona law, such as child molestation, burglary, shoplifting, theft, etc. These statistics do not include illegal aliens charged for violating immigration laws. Legal recourse with regard to immigration law violators rests with the federal government. Our jurisdiction relates to state crimes.

28) I found that over one-third (over 400) of these 1,200 illegal aliens arrested recently in Maricopa County had already arrested by law enforcement in the past for committing different crimes earlier within Maricopa County under Arizona law.

29) These are criminals whom I turned over to ICE for possible deportation. However, based on my experience, many of these illegals are not deported and are still committing criminal acts in Maricopa County.

30) Over one-third of the criminals law enforcement had arrested who were illegal aliens had been released in the past. Some of them had incurred criminal records within Maricopa County at least 6, 7, or 8 times. However, they keep coming back. I want to know why they are not being deported.

31) I am aware that an Immigration Enforcement Report for the fiscal year of 2013, by ICE, indicates that ICE reported 722,000 encounters with illegal aliens, most of whom came to their attention after incarceration for a local arrest.

32) I am also aware that the ICE officials followed through with immigration charges for only 195,000 of these individuals. Among those released by ICE, 68,000 had criminal convictions.

33) The total number of inmates booked into Maricopa Sheriff’s Office custody with INS “detainers”, some of whom are illegal aliens, since February 1, 2014 until December 17, 2014 is 3,816. (Exhibit 4).

34) The booking and first day cost to book an inmate into jail is $266.41. The total cost of booking, including the first day in jail is $1,016,620.56 (3,816 x $266.41). (Exhibit 4).

35) For all bookings, the average stay in jail is 27.5 days and the daily housing cost is $81.85. The first day in jail has already been accounted for. (Exhibit 4).

36) For 3,816 total inmates to stay in jail for 26.5 days, it costs $8,276,999.40. (Exhibit 4).

37) The total cost for 3,816 inmates to be booked into jail and stay for 27.5 days is $9,293,619.96. (Exhibit 4).

38) Based on the average length of stay, I estimate that Maricopa County incurred an additional expense of $9,293,619.96 from February 1, 2014 through December 17, 2014 for inmates flagged with INS detainers. (Exhibit 4).

39) Under current law, I turn over those committing crimes in Maricopa County who turn out to be citizens of foreign countries to DHS to be deported. But by contrast, under President Obama’s new Executive Action, those illegal aliens will not be subject to deportation once the inmates complete their sentences. At that time, they are turned over to ICE for possible deportation. This costs an enormous amount of time and money.

40) As demonstrated by Exhibit 5, I have personally been threatened several times by persons with bodily injury and death because of my stance on illegal immigration. It therefore stands to reason that illegal aliens are inclined to target me. This directly impacts my constitutional rights and causes me and my Sheriff’s Office harm. (Exhibit 5).

41) I am aware that the President claims that he must enforce these Executive Actions for illegal aliens because of a lack of resources for enforcing the immigration laws.

42) However, from my perspective and experience, the federal government is simply shifting the burden and the expense to the states, the counties, and the county offices such as mine.

43) I am also aware that the President claims he must enforce these Executive Actions to some illegal aliens in order to focus deportation efforts on those illegal aliens who have criminal records or are dangerous.

44) However, I know from my experience in law enforcement in Maricopa County, Arizona that this argument is false.

45) The Obama Administration is frequently not deporting dangerous criminals, even when I hand them over to ICE.

46) Even when my Sheriff’s Office arrests illegal aliens for committing crimes in Maricopa County under Arizona State law, and hands those criminals over to ICE to be deported, the Obama Administration still does not deport those criminals.

47) In these cases, my Sheriff’s Office has undertaken the work and expended the considerable resources to apprehend these persons for violating Arizona law.

48) Therefore, the problem is not a lack of resources by the Department of Homeland Security, but a lack of desire by the Obama Administration to enforce the law.

49) When you look at the interior of the United States, where ICE is responsible for enforcement, and take the 11 million illegal aliens estimated to be in the country, ICE has locked up only about 1% of that total.

I hereby swear under oath and penalty of perjury that the foregoing facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief:

[[[ full supplemental declaration with exhibits embedded below ]]]


Arpaio-v-Obama-Arpaio-Sig-Birther-Report-12-19-2014 OP


Judge Sets Hearing for Sheriff Joe’s Lawsuit on Obama Amnesty Orders

A federal district court judge in Washington on Wednesday ordered a Dec. 22 hearing on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawsuit to stop the Obama administration from implementing executive orders giving deportation relief and granting work permits to as many as 6 million illegal immigrants.

Judge Beryl Howell of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ordered President Barack Obama to respond to Arpaio’s lawsuit by Dec. 15, said the sheriff’s attorney, Larry Klayman.

Arpaio, the tough-talking sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, sued the administration the morning after Obama announced his unilateral actions in a national prime-time speech on Nov. 20.

His lawsuit was the first challenging the orders. A coalition of 18 states, led by Texas, has since sued the administration over the actions.

“We are very pleased that Judge Howell has ordered an expedited hearing on our motion for preliminary injunction which asks to preserve the status quo and stop the implementation of President Obama’s executive order,” Larry Klayman, who represents Arpaio in the lawsuit, told Newsmax.

He is a former federal prosecutor and founder of the watchdog group Freedom Watch. Klayman sued the National Security Agency last year over its massive data-collection programs after leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden.

“The executive order violates the Constitution, as it seeks to circumvent the powers which the Framers delegated to Congress,” he said.

“Importantly, if this executive order is not preliminarily enjoined at the outset of this litigation, severe irreparable harm will result, as it thwarts Sheriff Arpaio’s duties and responsibilities as the chief law enforcement officer of Maricopa County, Arizona.”

In the lawsuit, Arpaio contended that Obama acted outside his constitutional authority in bypassing Congress.

It has asked the court to block the changes that would make as many as 6 million immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally eligible for work permits and for protection from deportation.

Arpaio, who has sparred with the administration over many issues immigration-related issues, said he sued on behalf of himself and all Americans.
“I am not seeking to myself enforce the immigration laws as this is the province of the federal government,” he said when Klayman filed the suit last month. “Rather, I am seeking to have the president and the other defendants obey the U.S. Constitution.”


Tea Party Report – No Amnesty Pt 1

Tea Party Report – Immigration – Part 2


Top 10 Lies from Obama’s Nullification Speech
By: Daniel Horowitz
Lie #1: Every President has Taken Executive Action on Immigration: No other president has ever issued an amnesty of anywhere near this scope, created it out of thin air, or built it upon a prior executive action instead of a statute. And in the case of President Eisenhower, his executive action was to deport 80,000 illegal immigrants.

Lie #2: Illegal Immigrant Crossings are Down: Actually, this is the third straight year that border crossings have gone up, not to mention the entirely new wave from Central America.

Lie #3: It does not grant citizenship or the right to stay here permanently: Under the royal edict, the work permits can be renewed every three years, and most likely, they will be renewed at the same 99.5% acceptance rate as DACA applications. And once they get Social Security cards, they are going nowhere. So yes, this is permanent. And yes, they will be able to get green cards, which puts them on an automatic path to citizenship: “we are reducing the time that families are separated while obtaining their green cards. Undocumented immigrants who are immediate relatives of lawful permanent residents or sons or daughters of US citizens can apply to get a waiver if a visa is available.”

Lie #4: Only 5 Million: Make no mistake about it. Obama’s illegal amnesty will not just apply to 5 million individuals. It will apply by default to all 12-20 million illegals in the country as well as the millions more who will now come here to enjoy the permanent cessation of borders and sovereignty. Given the numerous options for people to become eligible for amnesty, ICE and CPB will be restricted from enforcing the law against anyone because each individual has to be afforded the opportunity to present themselves and apply for status. There is no way those who were here for less than 5 years will be deported and there’s no way the new people rushing the border and overstaying their visas will be repatriated.

Lie #5: Deport Felons: Obama claims he is going to focus on deporting felons. Yet, he has done the opposite. 36,000 convicted criminal aliens were released last year, 80,000 criminal aliens encountered by ICE weren’t even placed into deportation proceedings, 167,000 criminal aliens who were ordered deported are still at large, 341,000 criminal aliens released by ICE without deportation orders are known to be free and at large in the US. Again, this is cessation of deportations for everyone. They are leaving no illegal behind.

Lie #6: Don’t deport families: Obama is playing the family card. It works like this: people are encouraged to come here illegally, Obama grants them amnesty, then their relatives all get to come, even though they would otherwise be ineligible under public charge laws. Yet, at the same time, because the bureaucracy will be flooded with applications of illegals, and those are the applications that will be prioritized, those families who came here legally will have to wait longer to be united. There is no longer an incentive to enter the legal immigration process.

Lie #7: They have to pay taxes to stay: Aside from the absurd notion that they would turn someone away for not paying taxes, almost every one of these illegal immigrants lacks a high enough income to incur a net positive tax liability. Hence, by paying taxes, he actually means they will collect refundable tax credits!
Lie #8: Background Checks: Just the thought of a criminal background check of people coming from the third world on a lawless program is a joke. But the reality is that Obama has already done this with DACA, and 99.5% of applications were approved, including those of criminals.

Lie #9: Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration at the Border: Obama promises to beef up resources at the border. But as we’ve seen over the past few years, what good are more agents if they are explicitly intimidated into turning a blind eye. Moreover, there is no promise to build a fence or implement a visa tracking system, so any talk of enforcement is an insult to our intelligence. Moreover, he is unilaterally abolishing the Secure Communities program, the only successful interior enforcement program left after he abolished 287g state-federal cooperation in 2012. At a time when we are facing threats from Islamic terror and deadly diseases, this invitation to the world will present a security nightmare.

Lie #10: Scripture tells us, we shall not oppress a stranger: It’s great to see him quoting the Bible for once, but nice try. There are different variations of this verse throughout the Bible, but each one uses the Hebrew word “Ger” to describe what Obama translates as “stranger.” A Ger is a convert to Judaism. The commandment was not referring to people who illegally migrate to a nation state. And more importantly, it is downright offensive to Americans to insinuate that not granting them benefits is tantamount to oppression, especially given the fact that they have been the biggest recipients of our generous legal system. Moreover, if there is oppression taking place it is to the American taxpayer and worker and those who suffer from gangs like MS-13.

Watch Obama Make the Case Against Executive Amnesty


AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama Administration Lied About Releasing Criminal Illegals

Judge allows Taitz suit to advance
BROWNSVILLE —A federal judge Wednesday denied California attorney Orly Taitz’s request for a temporary restraining order against President Barack Obama and others regarding immigration policies and practices, but did not dismiss her lawsuit.
Instead, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen advised Taitz that she might have standing for the lawsuit, “if you tailor the complaint to your own damages and to your own claims.”

At the end of a near four-hour hearing in federal court in Brownsville, and in addressing her complaint and other issues regarding testimony that she seeks from several U.S. Border Patrol agents, Hanen also told Taitz, “I’m telling you no right now. I’m not telling you no forever.”

Hanen gave Taitz until Oct. 3 to amend her complaint, or petition, and gave the government’s attorneys Colin A. Kisor and Daniel D. Hu until Oct. 17 to then respond. Hanen set an injunction hearing for Oct. 29.

“It’s hard to determine what your causes of action are,” Hanen told Taitz at the onset of the hearing. He later advised that her complaint should be more concise.

This stems from the lawsuit that Taitz filed on July 14 in federal court against Obama, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell and the U.S. Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The lawsuit seeks an order to temporarily restrain authorities from transporting undocumented immigrants to other states, and that the immigrants be either immediately deported or held in quarantine for two months because, she says, they spread epidemics of scabies, tuberculosis, measles, whooping cough, swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus, and lice.



Scathing Immigration Report – Illegal Immigration – Laura Ingraham Weighs In


The link between immigration & terrorism

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a “Surrender To a Lawless President”
Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) denounced the House Republican border bill as a “surrender to a lawless president” because the legislation does not include any language to prevent President Obama from expanding his unilateral legalization of illegal immigrants.

Here’s the statement:

The Obama Administration has openly declared its plan to implement a unilateral executive amnesty for 5–6 million more illegal immigrants. This unlawful amnesty—urged on by congressional Democrats—would include work permits, taking jobs directly from millions of struggling American citizens.

Any action Congress might consider to address the current border crisis would be futile should the President go forward with these lawless actions. Congress must speak out and fight against them. It must use its spending power to stop the President’s executive amnesty.

That the House leaders’ border package includes no language on executive actions is surrender to a lawless President. And it is a submission to the subordination of congressional power.

After years of falling wages and rising joblessness, American workers are pleading for someone to hear them. How can it be that our President is brazenly advertising that he will nullify and strip away American workers’ immigration protections, and their own elected leaders will not rise to their defense? Or to the defense of our laws and our Constitutional order?

There are other grave concerns with the Granger package as well: because it does not fix our asylum rules and loopholes, the end result of the additional judges and hearings will be more illegal immigrants gaining asylum and access to U.S. welfare. It is a plan for expedited asylum, not expedited removal.

Nor will this package make our rogue President actively enforce anything, coming nowhere close to the kinds of reasonable enforcement activities needed to restore the interior application of our immigration laws.

And finally, a package that is silent on blocking amnesty creates an opportunity for Senate Democrats to add elements of their party’s open borders and mass immigration agenda.

This legislation is unworthy of support.


Illegal Immigration – Documentarian Exposes Realty Of Border Crisis

Border Patrol Agents Reveal The UN is in Control of the Border

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has previously met with officials from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries on the pretense of labeling the thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees. Indeed, the United Nations is now categorizing the present wave of immigrants as refugees from political and domestic violence that are merely seeking asylum in the United States. By declaring this to be the case, the United Nations is “lawfully” exerting their international power to force the United States to openly take in any and all refugees with welcoming arms, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

A Chance Encounter

Nearly three weeks ago while traveling to San Diego on Interstate 8, I had a chance encounter with a Border Patrol Agent in a convenience store located in Yuma, AZ. I approached him and gave him my business card. I promised the agent complete anonymity with regard to any questions that he would answer. He reluctantly agreed to answer my questions. In response to my questions about the health risks posed by illegal immigrants, he stated that Border Patrol Agents have contracted drug resistant TB, scabies that can carry more serious illnesses and bacteriological pneumonia. As an aside, one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient, has been told the same by Border Patrol Agents whistleblowers and she stated so on my show on July 13th.

Some Border Patrol Agents Are “FED” Up

Last night, this same Border Patrol Agent called me at the number on my business card. He stated that he had been reading my articles and that he felt that I was expressing a deep understating the problem. However, he unequivocally stated my knowledge of UN involvement on the border was significantly outdated and understated. He stated “the UN is already here and he has seen clear evidence that they are calling the shots on the border”.

This agent claims that he has encountered UN personnel at the detention facilities that he and fellow agents take the illegal immigrants to after arresting them. I asked him how he knew there were UN representatives at the border, he said he saw the proof in the sign-in sheets at the detention centers. Also, he noted that members of the World Health Organization have been in attendance as well. So, Dr. Jane Orient’s fears of a pandemic invasion may indeed be well-founded.

Throughout the course of his duties, the agent has learned that UN personnel are making decisions on which immigrants to send to what location inside of the United States. He said he has seen the UN personnel and DHS agents gathering MS-13 gangsters, captured from different roundups, patch worked together as a group and then shipped together to various locations on the perimeter of the United States. He knows this because some of his colleagues are involved in the transport of these illegal aliens. The agent’s partner, also on the phone, stated that “I objected to admitting MS-13 gangsters into the United States and I was told that we have our orders to treat them like anyone else”.

I asked the agent how he knew these were MS-13 and he said you can tell “by the tattoos”. He recounted the fact that MS-13 operatives will have a tattoo with tears on their face which represents a person that they have murdered in the commission of their drug related duties. He said he processed an MS-13 member who had 9 tears on his face and he was told to process him as an “unaccompanied juvenile refugee”.

Both men stated that while on patrol they encountered a storage area where they found water barrels . Upon closer examination, they discovered discarded drug bags and a hidden cache of weapons (e.g. AK-47′s). They also took four nearby people into custody and called for backup. He said that clearly one of the four detainees was from MS-13. Eventually, four Border Patrol SUV’s showed up at the scene and were making plans to seize the guns as contraband connected to drug trafficking. When their supervisor arrived on the scene, the seizures were stopped and the agents were ordered from the area. As the agents were departing, they witnessed a civilian open bed pickup truck carrying about a dozen people in civilian clothes being transported to the area. In hindsight, he presumes that these men to be members of the Sinaloa cartel being brought in to secure their arms and other supplies. The agent stated that the stopping of arms seizures and drug seizures is becoming commonplace at the border.

After the event, all of the agents who were present at the scene attended a mandatory briefing in which they were told that they had accidentally uncovered an intelligence operation being conducted by ICE in conjunction with DHS in which they were allowing members of a cartel to operate with impunity in exchange for intelligence information on larger drug shipments.

We’ve Heard This Story Before

Let’s consider the public drug trial of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla and compare the facts of this case to the claims of the two Border Patrol Agents.

“Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that Guzman is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.”

“Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals”. The details of the unholy agreement between the DEA and the Sinaloa cartel was that the DEA would allow 80% of all drug shipments into the United States in exchange for intelligence information on the other drug cartels. Why would the DEA want intelligence on the other cartels, yet, they would allow the Sinaloa cartel to continue with their drug operations right under the noses of the DEA. “The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” the Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote”.

After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents.

Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. This resurfaces the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements in Fast and Furious as we all knew he did.

The preceding paragraphs and the revelations by the two Border Patrol Agents clearly indicate that criminal elements, which resemble the forming of an military unit, are being strategically placed inside of the country. When I asked what was their best guess as to why MS-13 members are being processed as unaccompanied minors, one of the agents responded “to protect the drug shipments and provide enough muscle in doing so as to threaten local law enforcement who might interfere with an interdiction operation. Both agents also said that some of the operations on the American side of the border are so massive, and supported by the Mexican military, that the Border Patrol routinely avoids confrontations because they are outgunned and they are often miles away from backup.

Both agents have now been reassigned away from patrol activities to administrative duties. Their daily tasks consists of processing paperwork for immigrants. They said that all of their unit has been reassigned to clerical duties as well. I asked him who took his place on their patrol activities. He said as far as he knew, nobody has taken their place, thus leaving the border even more wide open than it was before.

Blaine Cooper Taken Down By Facebook

Blaine Cooper and I spoke by phone late last night. He was with the Arizona militia on the Texas-Mexico border. Blaine has made several damning videos on his experiences at the border which clearly point to the fact that the border should be closed to all immigration.

Blaine has informed me that after posting damning videos on his Facebook site, which showed that the Border Patrol was standing down as the drug cartels were clearly bringing drugs into the country, his Facebook account was closed and all his published videos are gone as well. Facebook claims that Blaine is using an alias on his account. I know Blaine and Blaine Cooper is his name. Facebook is lying and they wanted an excuse to hide the truth as to what is really going on at the border.

Very tellingly, Blaine found the opposite of what I heard from the Border Patrol Agents in Arizona. The Arizona based Border Patrol Agents are angry about this Obama-planned invasion. The Texas agents are working in cahoots with the Juarez cartel in Hancock County, Texas.

Blaine’s information is not contradicting the Arizona Border Patrol Agents account, it is just a second side of the same coin which will be explained in the next part of this series. Also presented in the next part in this series will be the complicity of Senator Rand Paul in this UN invasion of this country. Further, Congressman Duncan Hunter is involved in Fast and Furious and his actions explain how the local police are being federalized and this fact relates right back to these reported events. And, again, Congressmen Gowdy and Issa are completely negligent, or complicit in this plot as well. It is safe to say that this information is coming faster than I can report it. The bottom line is that this comes down to the fact that our country is in the process of being carved up and turned into a state-sponsored narco-terrorist state just like Mexico.


Zack Interview-Security on the border between USA and Mexico

Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

Nearly a year before President Obama declared a humanitarian crisis on the border, a team of experts arrived at the Fort Brown patrol station in Brownsville, Tex., and discovered a makeshift transportation depot for a deluge of foreign children.

Thirty Border Patrol agents were assigned in August 2013 to drive the children to off-site showers, wash their clothes and make them sandwiches. As soon as those children were placed in temporary shelters, more arrived. An average of 66 were apprehended each day on the border and more than 24,000 cycled through Texas patrol stations in 2013. In a 41-page report to the Department of Homeland Security, the team from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) raised alarms about the federal government’s capacity to manage a situation that was expected to grow worse.

The researchers’ observations were among the warning signs conveyed to the Obama administration over the past two years as a surge of Central American minors has crossed into south Texas illegally. More than 57,000 have entered the United States this year, swamping federal resources and catching the government unprepared.

The administration did too little to heed those warnings, according to interviews with former government officials, outside experts and immigrant advocates, leading to an inadequate response that contributed to this summer’s escalating crisis.

Federal officials viewed the situation as a “local problem,” said Victor Manjarrez Jr., a former Border Patrol station chief who led the UTEP study. The research, conducted last year, was funded by the Department of Homeland Security and published in March. A broader crisis was “not on anyone’s radar,” Manjarrez added, even though “it was pretty clear this number of kids was going to be the new baseline.”

Cecilia Muñoz, Obama’s domestic policy adviser, said the administration and key agencies had made adjustments over time to deal with the influx of children but then responded with urgency once federal officials realized in May that the numbers would far exceed internal projections of 60,000 minors crossing the border in 2014.

Revised Border Patrol estimates now suggest the number could reach 90,000 by the end of September.

Last month, Obama ordered an emergency response overseen by the National Security Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and he asked Congress to approve $3.7 billion in emergency funds.

“What happened this year was . . . off-the-charts different,” Muñoz said. “It was not the same pattern. We assumed a significant increase, but this was not the same kind of trend line.

“This trend was more like a hockey stick, going up and up and up,” Muñoz added. “Nobody could have predicted the scale of the increase we saw this year. The minute we saw it, we responded in an aggressive way.”

But top officials at the White House and the State Department had been warned repeatedly of the potential for a further explosion in the number of migrant children since the crisis began escalating two years ago, according to former federal officials and others familiar with internal discussions. The White House was directly involved in efforts in early 2012 to care for the children when it helped negotiate a temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

“There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue,” said one former senior federal law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk candidly about internal operations.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio: My Tents Are a Hilton Hotel Compared to What Is Going On at Immigrant Camps

MCALLEN, Texas—Illegal aliens are being allowed to fly on commercial airliners without valid identification, according to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC). “The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” NBPC’s Local 2455 Spokesman, Hector Garza, told Breitbart Texas.
“This is not the CBP [Customs and Border Protection] or another federal agency renting or leasing an aircraft, these are the same planes that the American public uses for domestic travel,” said Garza. “This just adds insult to injury. Not only are we releasing unknown illegal aliens onto American streets, but we are allowing them to travel commercially using paperwork that could easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer. The Notice to Appear form has no photo, anyone can make one and manipulate one. They do not have any security features, no watermark, nothing. They are simply printed on standard copy paper based on the information the illegal alien says is the truth.”
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Conservative scholar and talk radio host Mark Levin reminded Americans, including left-wing liberals and even some Republicans, that the late labor leader Cesar Chavez did not think it was compassionate to enable and encourage illegal immigration.
Levin noted that in addition to Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Harry Truman and civil rights icon Ralph Abernathy, who was Martin Luther King’s top adviser, Chavez — who is lionized by Hispanics, the left, and the labor movement — opposed illegal immigration “virulently.”
“Cesar Chavez opposed illegal immigration,” Levin said during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News’ Hannity.
After saying that the premise that “compassion is an open border” is a “new idea” that has been pushed in recent times, Levin said that “a nation has a right to secure its border” and its citizens have a right to know who is coming into their country.
Chavez, who was also against ethnic organizations like La Raza, would tell illegal immigrants to get out of the country, especially because they lowered the wages of American workers. And he was often far from compassionate in handling illegal immigrants.
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Feds To Bring In Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters!

HOUSTON, Texas–As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don’t get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down–Breitbart Texas has learned that federal agents plan to arrive in Murrieta on Monday with riot gear to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility.
Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that “it’s going to get ugly.”
Oliver said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”
John Henry, a Murrieta resident since 1991, was told the same thing by local officers.
“We’re being told that federal Marshals or ICE will be here in the next few days and that they are bringing riot gear,” Henry said. “They’re apparently going to be blocking off the street with concrete blockades so that no vehicles can get through. The River County Sheriff’s Department showed up last night and brought a huge watch tower that shoots up into the air 35 feet.”
On Friday, six protesters were arrested in Murrieta. One was apprehended for crossing “the yellow tape that blocked protesters from the Border Patrol station entrance,” according to USA Today.
Henry expressed frustration at the fact that the illegal immigrants are being “rewarded” for breaking the law–after illegally crossing the border, they receive a slew of taxpayer subsidized benefits like housing, food, education, vocational training, and legal counsel. Most are then released onto U.S. soil.
When U.S. citizens break the law, on the other hand, they pay the price. “If any one of us were to roll through a stop sign, we’d be pulled over and ticketed,” Henry noted.
On June 4th Breitbart Texas’ Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would be relocating illegal immigrants from Texas to California. Within moments of that story being published, the official Twitter account of the San Diego CBP tweeted at Darby, insisting the report was “erroneous” and asking for it to be removed from the internet.
Days later the San Diego CBP deleted the tweet from their official account. Subsequent reports, outlining plans to fly immigrants to Southern California, proved CBP had indeed planned the relocation all along.
It is unclear how the border crisis will be handled moving forward, especially given that many U.S. citizens oppose the migrants being shipped by the hundreds to their communities.


Immigrant children bused to California amidst protests

America : Obama ordered ICE to release 36,000 Ciminal Illegal Aliens back on US streets

Arizona AG Horne: We’ll Take Legal Action Against US Over Immigrants

Arizona officials are threatening to file legal action against the Obama administration if it does not stop moving undocumented immigrants from Texas into their state.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, in a cease-and-desist letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he’d allow a reasonable amount of time for the migrations to stop, but if they don’t, he’ll work with other state agencies to sue the federal government.

Horne can’t sue the government directly, reports The Washington Post, but he is “aggressively pursuing all options,” including working with others in the state government who can bring a lawsuit against the government.

The government is potentially violating federal statutes, said Horne, who says it’s the government’s “duty to control and guard the boundaries and borders of the United States against the illegal entry of aliens.” He also commented that transporting such immigrants is “far beyond the federal government’s discretionary authority.”

“These aliens are not being transported for the purposes of detaining them in a federal facility located in Arizona,” said Horne’s letter. “Rather, DHS is inexplicably moving them some 1200 miles and simply releasing them here (outdoors in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees) rather than in Texas.”

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