Please take some time in defending our AZ Constitution!

For several years, Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs single-handedly stopped all Article V Convention Legislation in Arizona—he even wrote a book about the issue, “The Con of the Con-Con”!

Now Senator Biggs has moved on to D.C. as a new Republican Congressman, and we need to continue his good work in the AZ Senate!!!

HB2226 (CFA), HCR2010 (COS) and HCR2013 (BBA) just passed the full Arizona House on Thursday 2/9, pretty much along party lines with a couple of Republican representatives straying over to our side. But nothing is new here–in 2016, all these bills passed the House as well!

Now all 3 bills are in the Senate, and Senator Biggs isn’t there to protect us anymore! And Arizona is a BBA-Targeted State—we can’t let them win!

Talking Points against COS, BBA, and CFA legislation.

Please write to all 30 Arizona Senators and ask them to VOTE NO on HB2226 (CFA), HCR2010 (COS) and HCR2013 (BBA), along with SCR1002 (COS) and SCR1024 (COS). (The latter two COS bills originated in the Senate and will probably be dropped since the House version passed—but what the heck!)

Dear Senator:

Thank you for defending our Constitution!