Surprise General Plan 2035

This paper is presented as a high level summary to make us aware of the related U.N. Agenda 21 influence in the Surprise General Plan. Many of the goals and recommendations taken independently, appear to be sound guidelines for growing a vibrant community. It’s when you put them all together that the trappings of Agenda 21 appear.

The plan consists of six chapters comprised of multiple elements:
Chapter 1 Development – Click here to view
Chapter 2 Quality of Life – Click here to view
Chapter 3 Transportation – Click here to view
Chapter 4 Resources – Click here to view
Chapter 5 Finances, Infrastructure, and Services – Click here to view
Chapter 6 Implementation – Click here to view
Conclusion – Click here to view
Each chapter is summarized in a bullet type format and list some of the goals that reflect U. N. Agenda 21 philosophy and wording.

In order to set the stage the following is part of the introduction to the Surprise General Plan. “The Surprise General Plan of 2035: Foundation for the Future is primarily a set of goals and policies that forms a blueprint for physical development throughout the City of Surprise. The General Plan is a visionary document that is used as a basis for land use decisions and can be a key tool to improve the quality of life for residents. Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 9-461.05 mandates that every city and county adopt a comprehensive, long range general plan.”

The Surprise General Plan 2035 can be view in detail at: