About Surprise Tea Party Patriots

We are a group of non-partisan citizens who are concerned about the direction of our country. We are primarily concerned about the excessive spending and government intrusion into our individual liberties. Anyone is welcome to attend. We have members from communities such as, Happy Trails, Wickenburg, Arizona Traditions, Wittman, Sun City West, Corte Bella Country Club and Sun City Grand.

We educate ourselves on issues that relate to our Principles. We do not get involved in social issues. The Tea Party Patriots started as a grassroots activist organization. However, individual involvement ranges from attending the meetings for personal education, contributing to the meeting discussions, contacting our elected officials, attending rallies, researching issues and helping with the planning and operation of the group to name some. You will be able to find a level of involvement that suits you.  

Jeff Lichter is here

Kindred Hospital
13216 North Plaza Del Rio Blvd
Peoria, AZ 85381
No need for a room # it is a small facility.
He needs your prayers and cards!

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